Sentry Posts

When the going gets tough in urban and built up areas, the man portable sentry post secures from top and three sides, thereby increasing eff ectiveness of fire power and reducing casualties in long periods of stand and shoot fi ring. A force multiplier.


  • Three sides, lower segment BP steel plate of 6.5mm thickness covering 48” height and 48” width.
  • Three sides, middle segment BP glass of 50mm thickness covering 24” height and 48” width.
  • Three sides, firing slots between lower BP steel segment and middle BP glass segment of 6” height.
  • Upper segment above BP glass segment of plain, transparent toughened glass of 10mm thickness.
  • Framework of MS steel square pipe
WEIGHT 475 kg +/- 5%
HEIGHT Internal height should be 8 feet.
COLOUR Blue and red stripes or as required.
PROTECTION LEVEL Protection level-III (protection from 7.62mm SLR or AK-47 bullets or splinters of 36HE hand grenade from 10 meters)
  • Complete outer area of roof of FRP.
  • Rear door of FRP and of dimension 6-feet height and 2.5 feet width without Bullet Proof Material.
  • Complete outer and inner area of the BP steel covered with water-proof plywood.
  • Portable Fan & CFL Lamp with provision foe electrical connection will be fi lled inside the cabin.
  • All steel having protective anti-rust coating.

MATERIAL TEST AND CERTIFICATION : As per NIJ standards. Tested by TBRL (DRDO) India and H.P. White Laboratory U.S.A