Sentry Cabin

First line security is crucial and the bullet proof sentry cabin ensures protection yet comfort for those responsible for keeping vigil – an elegant and resilient housing that allows the guard to always remain alert.


DIMENSION* 48” (L) x 48” (W) x 84” (H) - +- ½”
WEIGHT Total: 780 Kgs Approx
PER PANEL 55 kgs
FIRING SLOTS 2 per side. Each of 175 x 125 + 5mm Total : 6 slots
OBSERVATION SLOT 1 per side. Each of 255 x 175 + 5mm Total 3 slots
INTERIOR FINISHING Wooden panel eff ect using 12mm pre-laminated board
ROOF & FLOOR MS Sheet Roof
STRUCTURE 40x40mm Square Pipe, 35x35mm Angle
HANDLING 2 Nos handles welded on fl oor plates for easy carrying
LOCKING ARRANGEMENT Based on nuts and bolts only
ASSEMBLY TIME Within 3 hours
    Each Panel provides protection from:
  • 7.62 x51mm (SLR) from 10 meters
  • 7.62 x 39mm(AK-47) from 10 meters
  • 5.56 INSAS
  • Splinters of Grenade No 36 HE from 10 meters
MATERIAL (BP STEEL) Bullet Proof Steel tested by TBRL/HP White laboratory USA.
REPLACEMENT Panels are individually replaceable. Port shutter is also replaceable
COLOUR as per user choice

*Size of Security cabin can be changed as per user’s requirement.

MATERIAL TEST AND CERTIFICATION : As per NIJ standards. Tested by TBRL (DRDO) India and H.P. White Laboratory U.S.A