Security Vehicles

Dominate in anti-terror or civil war situations with this fully indigenous mine protected vehicle that keeps valuable personnel safe from ballistic and mine attacks.


  • All sides to withstand direct hits of 7.62mm SLR (Level III) AK 47 rifl e Indian rifl es at a distance of 10 m at angle of 90 degrees.
  • Floor and under carriage against blast of hand grenade HE-36 or equivalent.
  • Wheels with run fl at tyres (Five Tyres). able to run minimum 40 km on fl at tyres, after being hit as per standard.
  • Explosion Proof Fuel tank.
  • Reinforcement of Body, Door Hinges, Pillars, Suspension & Chassis.
  • Glass (es) replaced with bullet resistant glasses. Fixed door glasses. Can be conveniently replaced if damaged.
  • Engine compartment: Fire wall at the bottom of the dashboard fi tted inside the vehicle using 6.2+/- 0.5 mm thick B P steel to protect occupant from frontal attack.
  • Front doors: Driver and Co driver doors have bullet resistant glass of original look with Steel armour/light weight composite material inside the door. Other part of the door will be protected using steel armour.
  • Middle doors: Have bullet resistant glass of original look with Steel armour/light weight composite material inside the door. Other part of the door will be protected using steel armour.
  • Rear (tail) door: Original rear tail door is retained and a new fabricated door is fi tted inside the body with 6.5 mm armour plate and bullet resistant glass.
  • Door pillar reinforcement: using steel armour/light weight composite material reinforcement with welded or bolted armour from outside & inside the pillar.
  • Cargo area sides: Both the right & left sides of the Cargo area are fi tted with armoured steel. Cargo original vehicle glass (es) will be retained with original look.
  • Floor bottom: Protected against the Hand Grenade-HE 36 x 2nos or equivalent. Blast proof carpet made out of Kevlar fabric.
  • Roof: with 5mm bullet proof steel to protect against 45 degree angle of attack. The panel is welded & pasted with roof, suitable thickness of Kevlar fabric pasted with bullet proof steel to stop recasting of the 45 deg fi red bullet.
  • Fuel tank: Explosion suppression material fi lled in the fuel tank to make it explosion proof.
  • Wheels & tyres: 5 Run Flat, tubeless tyre provided.
  • Upholstery: to maintain height and ergonomics of original interiors.
  • Suspension: To meet the weight tolerance of the vehicle for bullet proofing heavy duty coil springs and shock observer’s along with other fitments.
ADDITIONAL FITMENT OF ITEMS As per customer requirement and feasibility.
  • Steel armour of 6.2 +/- .5 mm and 5mm steel armour / light weight composite material.
  • Bullet resistant glass of 42mm thick duly tested for ballistic test and transparency test having multilayer laminated glass bonded with PUPC.
  • Standard armour welding electrode or mig wire approved by armour manufacturer.
  • Welded joints are provided with over lapping plates of specifi ed width to avoid bullet entering through gap.
USED TO MINIMIZE Heat aff ected zone. Cut edges of the armour plate are straightened and made free of notches. All the sharp corners are rounded off . All the holes on the Armour plate are drilled by using specified drill only.
PAINTING AESTHETICS Repainted with good quality paint to give authentic look.
LOOKS LIKE The original vehicle from outside.

MATERIAL TEST AND CERTIFICATION : As per NIJ standards. Tested by TBRL (DRDO) India and H.P. White Laboratory U.S.A