An alternate to traditional BP helmets, the Patka is more comfortable and at the same time less threatening in appearance to civil populations.


  • Light weight Bullet proof Patka would be convenient and comfortable to wear/ handle.
  • It would not impede the movement of wearer in carrying out his functions.
  • It would not have an ill eff ect on the head of solider.
  • The material would be breathable.
  • In three parts
    The litloned steel band
    Disruptive cotton/terricot cover with strapping harness
    Foam trauma pad with cover.
  • Sizes :
    Large 28”
    Medium 27”
    Small 26”
  • Weight: less than 1.850 kgs..
  • Colour: disruptive heavy duty and not to be aff ected any moisture.
  • Shock absorbant trauma pad not less than 40 density.
  • Steel band covering the entire circumference of the head above the eyes and ears of 3 inch width.
  • Balance strapping/adjustable system using Velcro fasteners.
  • Steel ring with anti rust & moisture proof coatings.
PROTECTION LEVELS Protection from front side SLR 7.62mm & Rear side AK-47 Rifle.
  • Bilingual user’s manual would be provided for proper maintenance. Cup shaped, plastic chin strap for secure fastening instead of Velcro straps.
  • Additional padding for the scalp portions and proper fitting.
  • All strap joints are box stitched.

MATERIAL TEST AND CERTIFICATION : As per NIJ standards. Tested by TBRL (DRDO) India and H.P. White Laboratory U.S.A