Lecture Stand

A must have for those in public service operting in a high threart environments.


  • Consists of 3(three) separate plates joined together by means of hinges/bolts.
  • Glass fitted 3 Pcs. Over the plate when joined.
  • Plywood with sunmica provided in front of each plate top give the impression of purely wooden Podium
  • A wooden electron is provided inside the bullet Proof Podium with sunmica on top with provision for mike and tube light.
  • Separate model for protection against 7.62 X 39 mm (AK-47)and 7.62 X 51 mm Nato Ball.
  • Weight Approximately 350 kgs.
  • Dimension of the bullet Proof Plate: 46 X 27 Made of Phantom Steel.
  • Bullet Proof Glass: 3 (three) pices of 40/50 mm thickness. Glasses are fixed on top of the plates.