A reclaimable yet impregnable bunker that can be set-up by 4-8 men within 8-10 hours – a tactical gem for any commander operating in a actule insurgency and live fire situations.


SIZE 12’x9x7’
MATERIAL MS steel with relevant IS specifi cations.
  • Bulletproof Panels.
  • Bullet proof and MS claddings as relevant.
STRUCTURE Integrated grid of steel members supported on load bearing columns interconnected with floor and room beams
  • Nut and bolt technology.
  • Modular with inter changeable panels.
  • Two closable/shuttered fi ring loopholes on front face with armrest.
  • One closable/shuttered fi ring loophole on sidewalls.
  • Six foldable berths attached to walls.
  • MS square hollow columns of size 80x80x4mm with gusset of 6mm MS plate welded at both ends and fixed with room and fl oor beams. Suitable holes for fi xing of panels.
  • Columns conform to IS 4923:1997.
FLOOR & ROOF BEAMS Longitudinal and lateral beams of varying dimensions.
  • Two inward opening, lockable doors of 6 x 3 feet made of BP Steel with one sliding firing slot each of size 175 x 125 (+/- 5mm). Doors are fi tted over frame work of steel channels of width 40mm and thickness 6mm. Doorframe is fitted to the column.
  • Sliding locking arrangement of 12mm diameter round bar on both side.
PROTECTION LEVEL Each panel is able to provide following protection level:
  • 7.62 x 51mm (SLR) Burst fi re of 6 shots at 90 Degrees from 10 meter distance.
  • 7.62 x 39mm (AK-47) Burst fi re of 6 shots at 90 Degrees from 10 meter distance.
  • 7.62 x 51mm LMG Burst fi re of 6 shots at 90 Degrees from a distance of 50 meters.
  • Splinters of Grenade No. 36 HE from 10 meters.
  • Roof plates against 7.62 x 51mm (SLR) at 45 Degrees from a distance of 10 meters. CFSL certificate for this protection level to be furnished.
OTHER CHARACTERISTICS Anti Rust and Corrosion treatment using bituminous paint. We give a 5 year replacement guarantee for any rusting.
  • Water Proofi ng of all Joints and Roof.
  • Internal Panelling using 40 mm PUF Panels to cover roof and walls.
  • Rust -free Nuts and Bolts of high carbon steel.
  • Smooth and continuous welding done exclusively with Armoid 1 electrodes.
No Maintenance except repainting of the outer face for camouflage purpose once in 5 years. Plates damaged in fire assault can be replaced by occupants within 30 minutes without the need to come outside. Damaged port shutter can also be replaced.
WIND EFFECT Temporary erected structure can withstand wind velocity of over 70Kmph while a permanent erected will remain stable against wind velocity of 100-120 Kmph.
CARRIAGE & TRANSPORTATION Maximum plate weight is 25-30 kg along with fitments and size is 27” x 24” enabling man pack carriage, animal transport, light vehicles including jeeps and by Cheetah helicopters.

MATERIAL TEST AND CERTIFICATION : As per NIJ standards. Tested by TBRL (DRDO) India and H.P. White Laboratory U.S.A