Bomb Disposal Gear

Despite the best eff orts, security forces are at times faced with suspicious objects that may be lethal, arm-tech Bomb Disposal Gear provides a safe way to access the threat and neutralize it. Saving lives - ensuring security.

  • Bomb Trailer
  • Bomb Blanket
  • Bomb Basket


COLOUR Gel-coated white.
WEIGHT 1500 pounds unladen (approx).
  • Doubled-vented system (trailer and bomb basket) directs explosive forces upwards.
  • Certifi ed to withstand the blast of 35 sticks of 60 percent get dynamite without major delamination and no penetration of transport that is affi xed to trailer.
  • Light weight transport system easily towed by one person.
  • Trailer body made of molded fi ber glass with protective gel coat surface.
  • 4 wheels, independently coil suspended and attached to trailer frame, with no through axles, 5 bolt hub, utilizing 20.5 x 8.0-10, tubeless nylon, load range Tires. 10” drop centre rim; hubs to be double bearing.
  • Operation possible in off road areas e.g. in combination with a smaller towing vehicle like a jeep and larger vehicle like truck.
  • Storage compartment 56”x 18”x 16” located on front of 17’ and 20’ trailer other storage built into cat walk.
  • Made of minimum 40 lamination of non-fragmenting ballistic fi ber glass built in a proprietary method of weave and laminations, measuring not less than 50” across the top and built at a specifi ed cone angle.
  • Cone suspended from 4 upright non-fragmenting fi ber glass stays 1” thick and 8” wide by 30,000 Pound test nylon webbing or rope. Trailer has a lifting device and anchoring mechanism made of tubular steel, with the capability of being moved in an arc parallel to the ground and has the capability of being operated from a distance of 100 feet from the trailer body-this is an integral part of the system. Tube double wall 5/8 high grade steel with full bottom. Outside tank diameter is 42” inside tank diameter 34”.
SHIPPING DIMENSIONS 148”x 74” x 68” approx
COMPATIBILITY Can be attached with any existing truck.
LIGHTING SYSTEM Electrical includes 8 clearance, 4 stop / turn and fl ashing warning lights Lighting system LED
HOIST Fold away elbow action with 3600 swivel base, snap-lock pulleys and electric cable winch with 50’ cable include pendant station with 100’ cord.
  • Robot ramps 3 flip placard with 6 hazardous material warnings, spare tyres.
  • Internal tube holding net.
  • Bomb blanket is made up of Kevlor Armid fabric to with stand F3 Level of protection V50 at 45m/sec. Its comes along with satety circle to minimize the impact. The Bomb Blanket consist of a nylon web loop near the 4 corners. In high magnitude explosion the blanket rises to a parachute configuration while the sides drop to contain blast.
  • Protection level of v50 at 550m/secs is also available.
  • Protection level for 100gm also available.
  • TRBL Text Certfi cate Available.
Made of non - fragmentation ballistic fi bre glass with a minimum of limitations 24 inch diameter,36” high. Have nylon holding net suspended inside basket. Its made to withstand a blast of 200gm of TNT or equivalent without major delamination no penetration. Provision of detachable base plate. Weight approx 50kgs. Marking of datum on the exterior of the basket to allow X-rays. Rubber rings for facilitating of rolling the basket without damaging its Exterior. Glowing colors for clear visibility to all personnel (Red/Orange).

MATERIAL TEST AND CERTIFICATION : As per NIJ standards. Tested by TBRL (DRDO) India and H.P. White Laboratory U.S.A